Sunday, December 9, 2007

Playing on the toys

Yesterday after lunch and going shopping for a little bit we took Owen down to the Super Mall to play on the toys. At first they were way to busy and there were too many big kids, but we did a little shopping at came back and it had really slowed down. The wonderful thing about the toys at the Super Mall is they are really geared for much littler kids than other mall toys. Most of the malls have those boats and they are just way to big for kids that aren't walking yet. The toys at the Super Mall are all really low to the ground and the theme is breakfast foods. There are two pieces of bacon, two eggs, a banana and three banana slices. It really is cute. They use to have two waffles and a bowl of cereal, but they have been taken out. I'm not sure if kids kept getting hurt on them or what. Yesterday was actually Owen's second time playing on the toys. He played on them when we went shopping with Aunt Michelle, Cooper and Paige on Monday. I was really surprise how much he actually got into it. I thought he would be clingy, but he just started having a ball. Yesterday was no different except once he saw that people had brought strollers into the play area the toys were really chopped liver. He just kept crawling over trying to play with all the wheels of the strollers. He's such a funny kid!