Tuesday, February 19, 2008

13 Month Weight Check

This morning I took Owen to the doctor for a weight check. Since he's been pretty consistent with his weight and in consistent I mean consistently low the doctor wanted him to be weighted again. He's now 18lb 14.5oz. In a month he gained 13.5oz. Not bad, but I was hoping he'd be closer to 20lbs. He has another appointment scheduled for his 15 month check up so maybe then. The cool thing I learned today is they have percentage charts for his weight for his age, but they also have percentage charts for his weight for his length. The weight for length chart makes much more sense to me since Owen is not a typical 13 month old when it comes to his size so of course he's not going to measure up to other 13 month olds. If you go by his age Owen is only in the 2.33% for weight, but if you go by his length he is in the 18.98%. Big improvement!!


Unknown said...

I can only imagine what it would be like to have trouble GAINING weight.

If you put him on my regimen of sugary/fatty/fried foods and extensive time sitting on the couch, we can fix this problem in no time.

I think it's time you introduced Owen to the wonderful world of doughnuts.

Lyndsay said...

He is such a carboholic I'm sure he would love doughnuts. He eats a lot of bread right now as it is. And it's always has lots of butter on it. Anything that's fattening right now he can pretty much have.

Furry Bottoms said...

That CANNOT BE Scott!!!! Did he finally cut his hair?!