Saturday, February 23, 2008

Owen's First Sleepover

Last night was Owen's first night away from home. Some friends are coming over today to help us completely change the furniture around in our house so my mom and dad are watching Owen for us. We took him up last night so he could spend the night so we could get right down to business this morning. We left him around 8:00pm last night and I admit I cried a little driving away from the house. Not because I feel like my mom and dad can't handle him, it's quite the opposite really, mommy and daddy take a backseat sometimes to grandma and grandpa. Owen is truly in love with them both and that makes my heart feel comforted. No, I cried a little more for me and selfish reasons. He's my baby boy and I cherish taking care of him. I love being the one to get him in the morning and snuggle him in my arms while he drinks his bottle. I guess this was the first time I realized that he is already getting to be a bigger boy. His independence is showing and he is not going to rely on mommy for a lot of things soon. When he was a newborn I was literally a life sustaining person for him. I'm sure every mom goes through this. Childhood passes too quickly and I'm sure I'll wish that he could stay this little forever, but at the same time praise the Lord that he'll grow up one day.


Furry Bottoms said...

Growing Pains!

Unknown said...

I'd say that you'll get over it, but I'm 35 and my mom still thinks of me as a kid that can't do anything for myself. Hopefully you're not as bad as my mom, but prepare to spend a long time worrying about him every time he's out of your sight.