Sunday, September 19, 2010

Being Creative!

With the change of the weather and the fact that my backyard isn't completely fenced in and I get tired of going outside to make sure the boys are still in the yard....I've had to become creative. Oh okay I stole this from Mckmama. I remembered read this a long time ago and thought the boys would have fun with it.
Since we are on WIC right now we get a ton of peanut butter and a ton of rice. Peanut butter we use...rice not so much. So I took a couple bags and dumped them in this cupcake container I have.

I gave the boys a couple baby food jars and spoons. We also have these two teeny tiny dinosaurs the boys got out of the vending machine at the dentist. I told them they should try to cover them up and then find them...kind of like an excavation.

They were having a great time, but about 5 minutes into the fun when I was having to pick up rice all over my dining room floor I decided it was time to move things out on the deck. I can only handle so much!