Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Jackson!!!

Today my beautiful second born is 4 years old!

For the most part Jack is our most even keeled child...he just goes with the flow.

He is severely protective of his siblings, but at the same time he loves to bug them to death.

He loves his "No-No" (Pooh Bear head with a little blanket attached) and sleeps with it every night. He's offered to let Zeke sleep with it at night, but usually when bedtime comes around he decides that he needs to sleep with it for one more night.

He is a creative boy and LOVES to make surprises for Daddy.

He hates to throw anything away. Seriously he would keep every. little. thing. Once he bit off a hang nail and then put it in a Ziploc bag and slept with it. Can you say future hoarder??? :)

He is such a good player. He loves his toys...especially any kind of character. His latest obession is all the Star Wars characters that Uncle Ry has been giving him.

He rarely gets excited about food. Most of the time I tell him what we're eating and he says, "That's disgusting!"

Has been fully potty trained for almost a year, but still gets drips on his pants. Thankfully he just takes care of changing his underwear and pants all by himself.

Jack would live in warm up pants and muddy boots if he could.

Jack loves to growl like a lion. Hence the above picture!

Jack doesn't take naps anymore, but does need a bit more sleep. We've been trying to put him to bed around 7:30 so he has a chance to catch up since Owen usually wakes him up when he gets up in the morning.

He LOVES to argue about ANYTHING!

He has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!

He gets super shy if you congratulate him on something or if you just look at him all lovingly. He's not really one for attention.

Jackson you are such a joy and we are so proud of the progress you've made this last year. You have turned into such an independent boy. Happy 4th Birthday my precious boy!!!