Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's For Breakfast?

So what do you have for breakfast right after bringing a baby home? Why donut holes of course! We have a wonderful Bakery Outlet close to our house and I love to stop in and get some these donut holes freeze wonderfully. I'm really going to have to ban myself from even going there if I want to lose all my pregnancy weight.

It really was fun all of us piled in bed eating yummy chocolate donut holes. Mmm...I'm getting hungry just typing that!

Owen and his cute hands...he can't keep those hands out of pictures. 

Jack had just shoved a whole donut hole in his mouth!

And of course Ella was one messy girl when it was all over.

It ended up being just a pre-breakfast appetizer since the kids and me were still hungry. Who knew that a whole a bag of donut holes split between 5 people wouldn't fill you up!