Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blue Spruce!

The same Saturday that we went to The Outlet Collection we also had a bit of a wind storm. It was awful, but the difference was the wind came from the south instead of the west. After we got home I was washing the dishes and I heard this crack sound...we have airport windows so if I could hear it inside that meant it was really loud. Then I looked up and saw a huge chunk of our 35+ year blue spruce falling to the ground. All I could say was, "OH MY GOSH...OH MY GOSH!" Michael was in the living room wrestling with the boys and was trying to figure out why I was freaking out. I was sure the tree was going to hit the kids play structure, but thankfully it missed it. 

The section that broke off was the part that made that point at the top of the tree. The tree looks ridiculous now! That section that you can see the sky through the tree you used to not be able to. 

There the chunk that broke off laying in our neighbors yard. It took out the fence between our yards and his back fence with another neighbor. 

After the storm was over Michael went outside to get a closer look at our now smaller tree. 

I was amazed at how big the section really was. It was about 12 - 14 inches across. 

Here's where it split off! 

Since then I've called my cousin Bill and he is going to come up and cut down the blue spruce and the big evergreen in our front yard. We will be sad to lose the privacy, but the blue spruce is a bit of a hazard and we will be happy to get rid of all the pine cones it drops. The tree in the front yard needs to come out in preparation for a remodel we have in mind down the road. The roots from that tree have totally destroyed our driveway and we are wanting to get it redone within the next few years.