Saturday, November 30, 2013


About a month ago the boys both came home from school with a letter saying they might need glasses. I figured this day would come since I got my first pair of glasses at 8 years old. So I made an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist that our pediatrician recommended. A few weeks later I took the boys to Dr. Shelley's office and they got checked out. It was interesting see the difference between how they do a check up for an adult versus a child. I was sure they would do the whole number 1 or number 2 thing, but that would be a bit ridiculous with kid. Instead they measured their eyes and then did a bunch of looking inside them with super magnified lens. 

Diagnosis...Astigmatism + little bit of lazy eye = glasses for both of them! 

Owen's prescription isn't much, but Jack has a bit more. We ended up being able to get two pairs of glasses for them. One through Regence and one through DSHS. It will be good to have a back up pair on hand. 

They look SO cute!!! It totally reminds me of this post back with they were little and I put my glasses on them! Hilarious! 

Now of course begins the reminding them over and over to wear their glasses! Owen says his hurt his nose so were going to go back to the eye Dr to see if they can change out the nose pads. Owen is worried that other kids at school are going to laugh at him. I'm sure there will be a few kids that say something cruel, but for the most part I think glasses aren't really a big deal anymore.