Saturday, January 11, 2014

Goals for 2014!

Last year on New Years Eve Michael and I started a new tradition...we sat down and we wrote out our goals for the next year. Riveting I know! We are so hip!

Anyways we actually really enjoy it. It's nice to really set aside the time to focus on whether or not we are on the same page in regards to the important stuff. This was our second year and it was fun looking back on our goals and seeing which ones we actually achieved and which ones we didn't. Our finance goals and our personal goals were met, but our home goals really suffered. This year we have quite a few things on the home goals list that need to be accomplished! 

So here are our 2014 Goals...just for my records! 

Home & Yard Goals: 
Secure flashing on roof
Bleach house
Paint exhaust stack
Paint master bedroom ceiling - DONE! 
Build tree house
Fill in the area where the clematis was with dirt
Move pea gravel to the play area
Edge play area
Put crushed gravel on ramp and easement
Buy dirt, raise soil level and reseed the backyard
Kill moles! 
Buy and install forced air heaters in the kids rooms

Financial Goals: 
Replenish emergency fund
Complete Baby Step #4 of Financial Peace University 
Save for a replacement car for Michael
Save for driveway and home remodel

Personal Goals - Michael
Finish reading meters 
Learn to drive a stick shift
Learn to drive the dump truck at work

Personal Goals - Lyndsay
Read the whole Bible chronologically
Get an update in regards to make-up and clothes
Maintain mental health and improve physical health
Get involved in the PTA

Couple Goals:
Go on consistent dates
Go to the gun range

So there it is....our hopes and goals for 2014!