Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day Of School 2014!

Prepare for picture OVERLOAD!!!

Owen Michael - 7 1/2 years old - 2nd Grade

Goof Ball!

Jackson Daniel - 6 years old - 1st Grade

Equally goofy goof ball!

We intentionally let the kids make a silly face and get it out of the way so then we can move onto nice faces.

Handsome boys!

Jack wearing his shirt with his graduating year on it. Look mom I'm SO big!

Wow 2026....I'll be 45 when he graduates!

Look how BIG I am mom!!!

2025...I'll be 44 when my first born graduates! Seems like forever, but I know it's just moments away!

These boys crack me up!

Best buds!

Got his coat on and his backpack and is ready to go. Did his coat make it home the first day....of course not! I have a feeling I'll be visiting the lost and found often!

Ready to rock 1st grade!

My miracles! How did I get so blessed! Love!!!

Crazy kids!

Zeke was ready to go too!

The neighbor kids followed us since they didn't know where they were going. We always drive to school for the first day.

Walking to Owen's class!

Waiting in line with his classmates....he already know two of the kids. Koby on the left used to live across the street from us and Mya was his classmate last year. In fact I asked Owen if he could pick one classmates from 1st grade to be in his 2nd grade class and he said Mya! 

And you know 2nd graders are too cool to stop for pictures with their teachers! This was as close as I got. That is Owen's teacher Mrs. Golden. All summer long I've wondered who he was going to have and he kept saying Mrs. Golden. They didn't assign the kids to classes until later in the summer and sure enough he was right. 

We had to walk around to the back of the school to wait in line for Jack's 1st grade class. Jack knows 3 of the kids that were in his kindergarten class. It's nice that they get to see familiar faces. 

This is Mr. Heintz...and this is his first year teaching. I was a little apprehensive when I found out that Jack had a guy for a teacher since it seemed like most guys teachers were for the older grades. He is so sweet though and he loves the kids. 

And now it's just these two cuties home with me during the day. It's been a bit of an adjustment since they are used to traipsing around with the big boys, but I'm sure we'll find our rhythm.

And just like last year I get a big smile on my face when I see the bus coming around the corner knowing that my boys are home. 

Jack is always getting into his backpack the moment he gets off the bus so he can show me something. 

Donald and Dominic weren't far behind the boys. It's fun having a couple more boys to walk home with at the end of the day. 

Here's to a great year!