Thursday, September 4, 2014

Revolving Door!

This kid and I have been to the ER so many times it feels like a normal thing! Last Thursday while watching the Seahawks game all the kids including the neighbor kids were out playing in the backyard and having a great time. Then I heard a screaming cry and went running. Evidently Zeke was trying to be a big boy and climb up the slide like the other kids and he was wearing socks. Yeah that didn't go so well. He had bit his tongue and it was bleeding, but otherwise he seemed fine. He was doing baby swear words so I should have known something else was wrong. 

Anyways I brought him inside and checked him out and then tried to console him. I ended up sitting him on Daddy's lap so he could lounge with him. He seemed content to just lay there. I did notice that he was looking at me longingly, but he didn't try to come to me. He also was holding his sippy with one hand, but it didn't seem like a big deal at the time. 

Then at 8:15 when we decided it was time to get the kids ready for bed we move him. That's when he started crying and I noticed he wasn't moving his left arm. Not again! I had him stand up and we tried to see if he would reach for something with that arm, but he wouldn't. Then I tried to see if it was nursemaids elbow again, but that just made him scream. to the ER we went! 

The ER was a busy place! I think it was because some schools had started and the kids just weren't conditioned yet so there were lots of sports related injuries. 

While waiting Zeke wanted to wander over to see the fishies! 

Thankfully it wasn't too long and we were called back. Once they heard about his accident they ordered x-rays. When we were finished in triage they took us right to the x-ray room and then when that was done we were taken into the exam room. 

While at triage they gave Zeke some Motrin. By this point it had been around 30 minutes later and he was feeling pretty good. 

The nurse gave him some cars and blocks to play with and it was no time and he was zooming around the cars with both arms. He still wouldn't lift his arm higher than his shoulder though. When the Dr. came in he said that the x-rays looked just fine and then he examined his shoulder and elbow to make sure they were all good. In the end it was just a bad sprain and he just needed some children's Motrin or Tylenol. Thank goodness he didn't break anything! The nice thing is that even though we've been to the ER quite a lot they never make me feel like I'm a bad parent. Kids will be kids and we can't protect them from everything. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Mary Bridge Children's Hospital!