Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Hurrah!

On Tuesday we made our last visit to a sprinkler park for this year. It's crazy that summer is over! We made the most of it though...lots of fun and lots of memories. 

Zeke had the most fun this time around....he was getting drenched! 


I invited tons of friends to come out and have fun with us. Rachael my neighbor came with her three girls. Kendra and Ella always have fun together. In fact when they were walking from the parking lot Kendra, Ella and Lilyann were all holding hands! So cute! 

At the last minute I had the boys go ask the neighbor kids if they wanted to come with us. They were able to even though they had just woke I came with a van full of 7 kids! 

Lots of fun! 

Testing the water! 

It was a super hot day so the water felt great. In fact I kept getting drenched and in about 5 minutes I was completely dry! 

Look at these cool dudes! Zeke is so sure he's a big guy! 

My friend Christina also came with her 3 kiddos. Addison was a happy girl! 

Dominic, Anthony, Donald, Owen and Zeke. I sure hope these boys are good friends for years to come! 

Before going to the sprinkler park I needed to stopped at Winco to pick up some cereal so I also went to the bulk section and got a bag full of suckers for all the kids that came. 

They were the Blow Pop Suckers! 

As I was taking these picture Donald asked me, "Is this going to be on the blog?" Well of course! 

It's so nice having these bigger boys around. They love taking Zeke and they keep such a good eye on him. They even played over at the little kids playground with him for a really long time. So sweet! 

Dominic has the best smile! It's super contagious! 

Rachael with Reagan and Lily! 

My beautiful Ella Bean! I call Ella that so much that now Zeke says, "Eya Bee"! 

Christina with Caleb hiding behind her, Addison and Anna. We were able to get together so many times this summer it was fantastic! I hope we keep it up even though school starts! 

This is my friend Starr with her friend....sorry I can't remember name...she had 2 kiddos! Starr is holding Miles. Her other 3 boys were there as well. Friends that weren't pictured were Micah and Kim with their 3 kiddos and then my friend Dena and her 2 boys. So that was a total of 24 kids in our group! Awesome! 

As far as our Summer Bucket List we only missed out on 2 items...Mini Golf and The White River Museum. Not bad!