Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flip Flopper!

Let me just start by saying that before kids I felt like such a firm person in my decision making. Solid! My decision was made and that was that! But since having kids I feel like the biggest flip flopper in regards to making decisions and then sticking with them. With that being said I know that circumstances change and in turn that means that the decisions that were made might have to change as well. So....

This precious girl is not going to Preschool in September! She gets to stay home with me and I'm going to home school her instead. If you had asked me even 2 weeks ago if those words would be coming out of my mouth I would have said you were crazy! This girl and I are so much alike that it's almost impossible for me to teach her. 

However, circumstances have changed! The biggest one is that I'm not watching Logan anymore. That has changed two and our relationship. Preschool costs money and now I'm not making any...that one is simple and straight forward. Our relationship is more complicated. See Ella had never know what it was like to just have mommy to herself. She was 10 months old when I started watching Logan so that was her norm. Since I was only watching Logan part time she did have me a few days a week, but nothing long term. As I'm writing this it's been almost a month since I stopped watching Logan and I have to say that our relationship has really grown in just a month! 

I'm not saying that it was bad for her to have Logan around....they love each other and play so well together. But I think there is a knowledge that Logan wasn't her real sister and that made her a little jealous inside knowing that mommy was having to pay attention to a girl that wasn't her. She really took out her feeling on me since she didn't know how to express her emotions and what she was feeling in words. 

I am actually so excited to home school her. I've already been pinning a ton of things on Pinterest. I've figured out our schedule - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Zeke is old enough that he is really interested in learning too. I'm sure he'll be right there listening and coloring and then when he's bored he'll go play. Just the thought of having two at home seems so easy!!! 

I'm sad that Ella's not going to be able to be in class with a few of her friends from MOPS, but she'll still see them on Tuesday's at MOPS. 

It's so amazing...we get to nurture and lead and guide these little miracles that God has blessed us with. Watching them grow into bigger kids is so fulfilling! 

These picture were taken at a little park in Kent that we went and played at while Jack was in Occupational Therapy with Miss Sarah.