Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updated On Duct Tape Bracelets!

I thought I should update my Duct Tape Bracelet post...

After I posted it I let the kids wear them around the house for a while and the marker did eventually start rubbing off. So my fix for that was to print out our names and phone numbers tiny enough where they could be cut into strips and then just taped onto the duct tape bracelet with Scotch tape. It's clear so you can see the numbers and hopefully it won't fall off after they've been worn a while. I did make each child two bracelets so if one gets messed up or lost we have a back up. I'm not going to make the kids wear these the whole trip most likely only in Disneyland where it's super crowded. I also did some research and there has never been a child abducted from Disneyland so that makes me feel good. I know they have workers that are specifically looking out for lost kids...not that I'm planning on losing my kids, but still it's good to know. We also have one adult per child going on this trip so we should be good. I just feel better having something in place just in case!