Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nature Scavenger Hunt!

This has been one of the things on our Summer Bucket List that I haven't really been looking forward to. First off I kept forgetting to print out pictures of nature things at the library and we have no ink at home. The other day we just happen to have an empty egg carton so I thought it's now or never. 

I decided that my artistic interpretation of nature things was going to have to suffice. I have the kids sit next to me while I drew them to see if they knew what I was drawing. I also wrote the names down too. 

All ready for their scavenger hunt! 

Heading down to the backyard to find a pine cone. 

They found lots of big pine cones, but none of them would fit in the egg carton until Jack found this little bitty one! 

Gotta put it in the right compartment! 

Looking for the perfect rock! 

Starting to fill up! 

Trying to find a twig. 

Ella was taking notes! 

When it was time to find a bug the boys were way more enthusiastic about it then I thought they'd be. This summer Owen has become a bit fearful of bugs. They went over to this huge rock and were able to find a beetle. 

Ella got to be the one to go to the blackberry patch and find a juicy blackberry! 

The neighbor who's house is right next to the blackberry patch mowed this section of the patch down so the kids could easily walk to the berries! 

This is when we realized the beetle wasn't really dead....only stunned and he had crawled into the flower compartment. Jack tried to kill him with the pine cone...

but he climb inside the pine cone. Jack prevailed though....the beetle died! They also collected a bee that was just walking on the ground. He died too! 

It was lots of fun watching the kids run around and find things. I think I might try to do an indoor one on a rainy day. In all they collected everything on the list....blackberry, pine cone, rock, grass, flower, bug, plum, leaf, moss, twig, dandelion and litter!