Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's In A Name!

The other day in the van the kids were curious about what their names meant so I took out my phone and used the voice feature to ask Google what each of the names meant. 

Owen - Young Fighter 
Michael - Humble

Jackson - God has been gracious / shown favor
Daniel - God is my judge

Ella - Beautiful fairy
Grace - God's favor

Zeke - God strengthens (I actually had to ask what Ezekiel means since my phone was sure that Zeke was an abbreviation for Ezekiel)
Russell - Red haired

It's fun how you can definitely see parts of the kids in the meaning of their name. Owen is a fighter, but he needs to work on the humble part. Jackson was such a wonderful addition to our family that we did not expect so God most definitely did show us favor. Ella is a beauty both inside and out and again His favor shines down through her. Zeke is a strong one and that's a good thing since he's the baby. Now the red haired part is the only one that baffles me. I wish he had red hair and I am surprised that not one of our kids have it since it runs in Michael's family.