Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Day!

I had been promising the kids for quite a while that we would go to the beach at Coulon Park. The weather kept messing up our plans though. Thankfully on the third scheduled time we were finally able to make it. 

I know I've said this before, but doing things like this is so much easier with older kids! They help pack and unpack! PTL!!! 

The neighbor boys Dominic and Donald came with us. It's so amazing how they just feel like a part of our family now. They are always at our house playing with the kids. They are such sweet boys. We ended up being at the beach for over 4 hours so you would think the kids would be tired of each other, but nope! We got home and about 5 minutes later they were back at our house and they played until it was time for our kids to come in for bed! 

Sand and sun...what more do you need! 

Jack sailing Captain Hooks boat down the little river that Owen made! 

Here was our set first I didn't put the umbrella up because the breeze was so nice, but then I thought that kids needed a place to go to get out of the sun. Our umbrella is so hard to get stuck into the ground that I ended up burying the stake as far as I could and then the wagon was on the other side holding it in place. At one point it took off, but thankfully there were a couple ladies standing there and they caught it for me! 

Owen and Ella are little fish...they just dive in and swim underwater! They aren't super good swimmers, but they didn't go in past their armpits. 

Dominic wanted to go on the other side of the ropes so he had to take a swim test. He told me he used to be on the swim team in California. He passed the swim test just fine and had such a great time diving into the water from the deep end. Of course about 10 minutes after he passed the test I see the lifeguard that patrols the deep end in a boat go diving into the water, followed by one on the ground running in Baywatch style and I was freaking out thinking it was Dominic! Thankfully he was just fine. It was another kid that crossed the line and couldn't touch and was wearing shoes so he panicked! 

Zeke did great playing of course his OCD about getting dirty played into things. He would come up to me with wet sand on his hands and say, "Towl!" 

Ella had a great time and even though I sprayed her twice she got torched. Poor girl was quite red during out nighttime bath. I rubbed her down really good with sunburn gel. 

Jack and Donald....behind Jack in the orange shirt are almost inseparable. They are two peas in a pod! 

More lakes and rivers! 

Even though there is an 8 year age difference Dominic and Zeke have so much fun together!  

Zeke finally got brave enough to join the other kids closer to the water. After we had been there a while a few more friends showed up with there kiddos too. The more the merrier! 

It was nice that Ella wasn't the only girl. She doesn't seem to mind, but still I always liked having my girl friends to play with too. Alisa and London enjoyed themselves too! 

Owen didn't sit down much he was either in the water swimming or on the shore digging. All the kids did take a break to get ice cream from the snack shack though! 

Just before packing up Zeke's OCD about getting dirty went out the window! Yay for baby powder!!!