Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Movie Night!

A couple Sunday's ago we were just chilling out at home trying to figure out what to do. We had been pretty busy and the kids were exceptionally crabby so we didn't really feel like rewarding them and taking them somewhere. Plus I think we all just really needed a little bit of family time at home. I had been wanting to watch Heaven is for Real and even though it's not your typical kids movie I thought that it might be good for the kids to see since the little boy in the movie was close to their age. 

While Michael went to the Redbox to pick up the movie Owen drew this picture of all of us sitting and watching the movie. Zeke is the teeny tiny one on the left. He said the lines coming from the TV were the light. I showed it to Michael when he got home and he thought it was a picture of us all sitting in front of a fan! I love that Owen loves to express himself through drawing!

Here were are just like the picture...except not on the couch. Eating popcorn in our new popcorn bowl my mom got us. It has special holes in the bottom so the seeds fall down! 

The movie was great. I had already read the had been a long time so I didn't remember everything. Plus I'm not sure how much liberty they took bending the truth. The main points still got across. It was fun talking with the kids about heaven and about how Brayden, Kyan and Peepaw are already there. Of course watching movie got me all teary eyed. I love my life and I am so grateful for the kids that I have here, but I also yearn for my babies that are there. I know that God is taking care of them better than I could and they are happy. Oh the joy I will feel when I will get to see them face to face!