Friday, August 15, 2014

Park Play!

During another one of Jack's therapy sessions I took the other three kids to a different park near by. We usually have about 45 minutes to go and do something. We usually do one errand and then go play. This day we went to Staples and then went to the park. 

Zeke isn't afraid of tunnels anymore! 

Sliding Seahawk gal! 


This is probably the most Zeke has ever enjoyed a playground. He's getting more and more adventurous! 

I had never seen Owen do the monkey bars before and I wasn't sure he could...I was wrong! 

Ella used to only go up the stairs, but now she's into challenging herself to climb up inside using all the funky ladders! 

Tunnel boy! 

It's been fun getting to go out and have these little excursions...definitely better than stay at therapy and trying to entertain 3 kids for an hour! Jack has 20 sessions total for his OT so hopefully the weather will hold out long enough that we can enjoy more and more playgrounds!