Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travel Binders!

After searching Pinterest for hours, going to the library a number of time to print things out and organizing into separate days for each child I am finally finished with the kids travel binders! Praise the Lord!!! 

I'm using the same travel binders we used last summer when we took our trip down to Oregon. I did have to make one for Zeke since he was too little to need one last year. 

I printed lots of things for all the kids and then some things for just Owen and Jack since they can read and write. 

There is car bingo games, mazes, tic tac toe, color by numbers, math sheets, word searches, dots and boxes and all sorts of other things. 

The front of their binders are decorated with their names and then a map of where we are traveling that day. For example the first day we are traveling from home to the military museum at Fort Lewis. When we leave I'll take each of their binders and draw our journey to that location with a red marker. Then when we leave for our next destination I'll do the same thing. I always loved knowing where we were going. 

I bought this Ninjago LEGO container a while ago, but we never really used it for LEGOS. It works perfectly to put all the separate days worth of goodies for each child into. The mistake I made when we went to Oregon last year was giving the kids all their papers that first day. They went through them that first day! So this time around I have each day separated starting with the map they will need for the front of their folder for that day. This was a ton of work, but like I've said before it's all in the prep work!