Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Friends....AKA I Have 3 More Kids Now!

Earlier this year the house to the south of us finally sold. It had been vacant for over a year. During that time I kept praying that God would bring a nice family with kids and no dogs. See our backyards are pretty much one in the same. We share ownership with the easement that goes to our backyards. Because of the way the yards are they really can't be fenced in. Needless to say we don't really have a choice about associating with our neighbors or not. Around spring break the new owners came to stay for the week they were just getting a few things settled and then going back to California for the rest of the school year. The family has 6 kids...3 are in school in California and they have 3 living at home. The boys had so much fun playing with the kids and then the week was over and they had to leave. I figured they wouldn't come back until the end of August right before school starts, but thankfully they moved up at the beginning of July. 

Their family has been such an answer to prayer! They are such nice people! The kids are now pretty much inseparable! This is such a nice change since our neighborhood is an older neighborhood...aka not many kids! Their boys are Anthony 13, Dominic 10 and Donald 8. Dominic and Donald will be going to school with Owen and Jack at Woodmont and Anthony will be going to the middle school. Donald has even gone with us to the library to enjoy some of the summer programs. Now I usually have 2 - 3 extra children hanging around the house. I remember saying early on in my mothering days that I wanted my house to be the place where all the kids wanted to hang out and that's now come true!