Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fit Thrower!

Here's the whole story on Zeke's latest ER visit. It might seem like we go to the ER all the time, but in fact I don't think we've been since November when he broke his collar bone. That's a long time! Oh wait it might have been when he was puking and wouldn't stop, but that was at the beginning of the year. Oh geesh! 

Zeke is lazy....plain and simple! He hates to walk...he didn't walk until almost 16 months old. When it's time to go anywhere he comes over and you try to take his hand and he pushes it away and says, "Up me!"  Well we've been working on getting him to walk longer distances and some times he's fine...on his terms of course. Well on this particular night he was fine running around in Target and the mall, but then once it was time to actually go to the van he wanted to be carried. Daddy was holding his ground and informed him he needed to walk. So as they were walking to the van Michael was holding Zeke's hand and Zeke decided to throw a royal fit and let his body fall to the ground. Of course he was crying and Michael got him to stand back up and walk to the van. In the van he was still crying, but we thought he was just wound up from the fit...that's normal. Once we were home he came over to me so I could pick him up and comfort him and that's when I noticed he didn't raise his left arm up. When I picked him up like normal he started crying even more. Since he acted like that with his collar bone I thought oh no...not again! To test my theory I got a goldfish cracker and held it out on his left side....he reached over to grab it with his right arm. That's when I knew we were going to the ER. 

At that point I didn't know if it was a broken collar bone, dislocated shoulder or nurse maids elbow. See earlier in the evening we were swinging each of the kids in Target. You know moms got one arm and dads got the other and you swing together. Of course Zeke wanted to be included so I was worried that's what got it started so I was leaning more towards dislocated shoulder. 

Off to Mary Bridge we went. We got right into triage and then went upstairs to wait in the waiting room. Zeke was in good spirits if he wasn't having to move or use his left arm. 

Back in the room he got into his bears gown....about 10 minutes after saying they were bears I looked a bit closer and saw they were actually dogs. 

Happy boy for being in the ER. 

Everyone we encountered commented on how cute his dimple on his cheek was! 

When the Dr and the PA finally came in I described what happened and the Dr had the PA check out his arm. He moved it a bit and his elbow popped back into place. He just whimpered a bit. They got him a Popsicle so he would start moving his arm. We had to help him since he had been favoring it he was afraid to use it. He was fine while eating and then I had him get down and walk around. I also decided to test him again so I held out a piece of cereal and he still wouldn't grab it with his left arm. A few minutes later the nurse came in to discharge him and I told her that he still wasn't acting right. 

She went and got the Dr and she checked out his arm and it popped back in...this time all the way. She said that sometimes when it gets popped in and can only go partially in and not fully in. That's when I had her show me how to pop it back in so if it ever happens again I can take care of it. After she got it popped back in he was completely fine. He was running around, climbing the furniture and trying to jump on it. I couldn't get the kid dressed fast enough....I was sure we were going to end up staying again because of him jumping off something and splitting his head open! This little guy sure keeps us on his toes!