Monday, August 18, 2014

Day Trip & Ferry Ride!

Two Saturdays ago we had an unexpected opening in our schedule and we took full advantage of it. We had wanted to head over to Bremerton sometime this summer, but were having a hard time figuring out when we could go...perfect! 

I looked online and researched to see what might be fun over there for the kids, we packed a picnic lunch and then we set off. 

After driving all that way to Mount Rainier the drive to Bremerton was a cake walk! Our first stop was this park that was dedicated to our servicemen.

We sat down and had our picnic lunch there. 

The kiddos had a bit too much energy so they just wanted to run around and play. 

Climbing rocks and eating oranges at the same time are totally acceptable! 

And yes...Ella is carrying around the bag of Chicago Mix from Costco! 

Here I goooooooo! 

We must follow in our big brothers footsteps...or should I say jumps! 

He thinks he's hot stuff! 

Pretty girl! 

Big muscles!!! 

As we walked or jumped down closer to the ferry terminal we saw the sign for the actual park I had found online. It's called Harborside Fountain Park. It's a cool spray/wading pool park. 

Unfortunately this is as close as we got! See the golf cart on the left....right after this picture that guy informed us that the park was closed for the day due to a wine festival! Of all the days!!! And I have no idea why Owen is making that face....he probably feels slighted in someway by Jack! 

To make the best of a bummer situation we took the kids into the free Navy Museum. I wasn't sure how much fun they were going to have, but it was great.  

They had this whole section devoted to kids. 

You could climb in the submarine and use the underwater sea animal puppets and put on show. 

They even had this projector that made the wall look like it was moving water. 

Deep sea diver! 

He's a bit vertically challenged so Daddy had to help! 

They even had a ship galley for the kids to play in. Owen got all dressed up to be a chef and then he was too embarrassed to play. 

Ella and Zeke were having fun as long as the kid in the red shirt wasn't stealing their food! 

They also had a lot of coloring pages with aircraft carriers or fighter jets. 

Ella had so much fun cooking! 

Zeke really like turning the knobs! 

Daddy and the boys hard at work. At one point while Michael was coloring a kid came up right next to him and said, "This is my favorite color and I'm gonna put it right here" then he promptly drew all over the bottom of Michael's paper. Of course the Dad was so embarrassed! Kids do the darnedest things! 

Time put dinner in the oven! 

Close the careful! 

At another part in the museum there were bunk beds set up just like they are on an aircraft carrier. Jack got in one and he even he couldn't sit up without bonking his head. 

He wanted to Ella to join him. I would seriously never be able to sleep in one of these I'm too claustrophobic! 

Speaking of claustrophobic....there were also lockers right next to the beds showing you how much space each person had. Leave it to my kids to see how many Martins can fit in the locker! Zeke was first in...

Then Owen! 

And the door shut! 

Ella also got a turn and I think Jack is behind her. Silly kids! 

After all that fun we went over to Cold Stone and got a thing of ice cream to go! I'm going to order my ice cream like that from now on. They will make it with all your mix ins and 32 oz of ice cream cost $8.65. It was the size of two Gotta Have It's and only a couple dollars more than one! 

Right next to Cold Stone is the fountain that we had fun viewing when Ella was a baby, but I think parts of it aren't working anymore, because it wasn't nearly as fun! 

Not sure why Zeke felt the need to cross his arms, but he's super cute! 

After walking down the pier and exploring a bit more it was time to head for Seattle! 

I know my kids and I know that the moment we get on the ferry and see there's a cafeteria they are going to ask for food. Enter suckers! I stock up on suckers at Winco in the bulk section and they are super cheap. Suckers solve anything! 

It was really hot! 

Let's go outside and feel the breeze!

Can you see our van???

This handsome boy stayed outside the longest with me! 

Owen was too cold so he would say out for a few minutes and then run back in to be with Daddy! 

It was a gorgeous day to be on the water! 

Ella finally came out and spent some time with me when we rounded the corner and could see the city! 

We really do live in a beautiful country! 

Once we could see the city the air got significantly cooler so I decided to head in. Daddy and the kids were sitting just inside the door. He said that in the time span they had been sitting there at least 3 other groups had sat behind them and then moved. Yeah my kids are those kids! 

Maybe suckers weren't such a good idea! :) 

Heading down the van!

One last picture...forgot to turn the flash on! Oops! 

It was such a nice impromptu family day! Another thing on our Summer Bucket List checked off!