Saturday, August 2, 2014

Travel LEGO Kit!

Pinterest strikes again! 

In all honesty I really don't know how we survived without that website! I remember first signing up for it and thinking to myself this is going to either be awesome or a HUGE time waster. I gave myself a month to see if I would actually follow through and create or use any of the things I pinned and if I hadn't I was going to quit looking at it. Now I can't go a day without using, printables for the kids, science experiences and of course crafts! 

Here we have a cute little metal lunchbox. I can't even remember where Jack got it, but we didn't use it for anything in particular. I think we packed snacks in it once to take to the park, but it's really not big enough for anything else. flat LEGO sheet, kitchen shears and hot glue! 

I had to trim the piece for the inside quite a few times to get it to fit in there just right. Then I just hot glued around the outside edge and held it there until it was dry. 

The piece on the lid had to undergo a little trimming as well. At first I wanted it to be as big as the lid, but I forgot about the part where the lid had to fit onto the main part of the lunchbox. Yeah that didn't work so well. So I trimmed it a bit more! 

We stopped at Target the other night and at the cash register for 3.99 they have these cute little sets that are in bags. This one is a helicopter. I'm hoping to find one more just so there's a little variety. I'm in no way shape or form bringing a ton of LEGOS. Also you might be thinking I'm nuts because these are going to fall all over the floor and get lost and they might, but my Mom did buy each of the kids these awesome lap desks so they have a edges to keep things from falling off. Of course that is in a perfect world so I'm sure that we will be picking up LEGOS off the floor from time to time!