Thursday, October 13, 2016

Artist Expression!

Normally the school doesn't let parents volunteer until later in October. I think it's to help the kids establish a good routine in the classroom and also to see their teacher as an authority figure. Since I've volunteered at school a lot my kids are used to seeing me so it's no big deal. All of their teachers were more than happy to let me start volunteering earlier than October. It's so much fun to be at school and see what's going on and getting to help the teachers. One of my tasks a couple weeks ago was to glue the kids self portraits onto paper so they could be displayed in the hallway. As I was going through the portraits I was just blown away by how amazing some of them were. They were great! I mean I probably couldn't even draw that well. I was quite impressed. Now normally I wouldn't think that this would be something that Owen would have taken his time on. I know my kid and I know that art is not his thing. Doing art would be taking up valuable reading time. I know that about him and I love that about him. But after seeing so many wonderful portraits I got to thinking maybe by some miracle Owen's teacher got him to take his time and make a really good self portrait of himself. Then I got to his portrait.......and I about died laughing!!!! 

Now don't misinterpret this! I love my child and I love that I KNOW my child. This portrait is really not surprising at all. Art is honestly useless to Owen. This is actually the way Ga-Ga feels too although she has started to work on those adult coloring books that are all the rave right now. But give Ga-Ga a book or coloring and she'll chose the book every time. That is how Owen is and it's what makes him Owen. He loves other things more and that's okay! 

The part that had me laughing my head off was the fact that my milky white skinned, blonde hair boy drew himself as a brown boy with redish brown hair! Also I have no idea why he drew himself with a black line on his cheek. One day when I visited him in class he did have black dry erase maker on his face so maybe that's the same day they did their self portraits so he was making it true to life. I don't know, but it's one of those things where whenever I see this picture I'm going to laugh...not a teasing laugh, but a loving laugh because I know my boy so well!!!