Friday, October 14, 2016

Crazy Kitty!

Charlie is such an odd cat really. I say that with love! He just doesn't act like a typical cat. 

For one thing he actually LOVES his cat condo. I'm super happy about that for sure, but again it's just odd. Most of the time you get a cat a toy and they will sit right next to it. Thankfully we got it for free off the Des Moines Buy Nothing Facebook page. Score! 

Another thing is he plays with toys that are almost as big as he is. 

He literally will pick this dinosaur up with his mouth carry it across the room or down the stairs and just kick the living snot out of it. When he carries it he has to walk like a bulldog in order to move since the dinosaur is so big. 

He has to be in the middle of everything. He doesn't like to be on the sidelines. In this picture of the boys were playing on the X-box and they were moving all over, jumping up and down and making all sorts of noise and there was Charlie....asleep on the floor one foot from the action. I was even worried that he'd get stomped on!!! 

Another thing when it comes to the kids he can not stand it when they go outside. It's like he's a guard dog and he's so worried about them. He will run to the window so he can see them and then he whimpers because he wants to go outside with them. Oh and he has access to their rooms all day long, but he never goes in them....until it's bed time and then he thinks their rooms are the greatest thing in the world! Silly cat!  

He also falls asleep in the strangest positions. Sometimes on his back completely stretched out showing off his tummy. 

Or in this case at the top of his cat condo with his head dangling over the edge! 

He's a goofball and we love him!!!