Friday, February 23, 2018

Owen's 11 Year Old Pictures!

On January 20th I took Owen in for his 11 year old pictures at JCPenney's. Of course he was amazingly easy to take pictures of. 

They don't have the numbers anymore for pictures so they have had to get creative when it comes to including the kids age in their photos. At first the lady had Owen write the number 11 on this chalkboard. She took a couple pictures with that, but then she moved him into this pose and I thought it would be fun to have options so I choose to write out the word Eleven. 

He's such a cool dude! 

This cute kid has lost so many teeth lately he seriously only has 4 teeth in the front. His new teeth are just now finally starting to come in.

I can't believe how handsome this young man is and how photogenic. Love this boy!