Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Goals from 2017!

Just for my own records I like to go over the goals we set for our family and see how many of them we actually accomplished. I think it speaks volumes that I'm finally getting around to blogging about this and it's March! Blogging has definitely taken a back seat. Oh yeah and my computer is total broken now so that's part of it. 

2017 Goals

Yard Goals:

Level front yard 

Put in a sprinkling system

Lay new sod

Build patio furniture 

Built more planters 

We didn't do any of these yard goals! We did work on the yard quite a bit by putting in new plants and really caring for the ones we have though.  


Home Goals: 

Fix deck and stain it

Paint living room

Built computer station 

Fix Foosball table

We did not fix the deck and stain it mainly because we didn't realize how expensive it was going to be. Michael did paint the living room and a few other rooms while the kids and I were in Wyoming. We also build the computer station and we are loving it...even if one computer is kaput right now. We bought the 4X4's needed to fix the foosball table, but Michael just hasn't gotten around to actually putting them on. 

Saving Goals: 

Save $1200 for Hawaiian vacation in 2019

Save $1200 for the kids future cars

Bump the 3-6 month fund back up to where it needs to be

Save $1300 for vacations (Water Park, Family Reunion & Seabrook)

Put tax return towards future basement remodel

We saved the money we needed for Hawaii and are actually continuing to save. We also did start saving $100 a month towards the kids' future cars. We are still working on getting the 3-6 month fund up to where it needs to be. I should be there within a month or two. We did save money for vacation and we did go to Great Wolf Lodge, the family reunion in Oregon and Seabrook. We (the kids and I) also went out to Wyoming on a 12 day road trip that was just awesome! We did not end up putting anything away for the future basement remodel! 


Purchase Goals: 


Cabinets for computer station

Fire pit

Cushions for patio furniture

Snow gear for all the kids

We did not buy a tent, but we are in talks about buying a tent trailer!!! We decided to wait on the fire pit and we just used the one my parents gave us a couple summers ago. Since Michael did not fix the deck he did not build patio furniture either so there was no need to buy cushions. I did find almost all the kids snow gear at Value Village. Ga-Ga bought the last two things....pants for Ella and Zeke on Black Friday and they have come in handy! 


Family Adventures: 

Family Reunion

Great Wolf Lodge


Mt. Rainier

North Cascade Hwy

Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center

Like I said we did go to Great Wolf Lodge, the Family Reunion and Seabrook, but that's where it ended. We will touch on a couple of the places we missed this year though. 


Personal Goals:


Drink more water on a daily basis


Learn to knit

Organize each room

Get a job

I did drink more water! I did not exercise that much, but I'm getting back in the habit with my friend Rachael. I did learn to knit, but honestly I only worked on it for a couple months. I did enjoy it there are just so many other things to do. I can't remember if I went through each and every room last year, but I am always organizing our house and making it work for us. I did switch Ella's room and the playroom around and that has been so great. Finally....yes I did get a job and I love it! :) 



Make dates a priority

Learn to drive the dump truck / get CDL

Michael and I did go on more dates, but I think we would both still say we didn't go on enough. Now that the kids are getting older it does seem like it will be easier to make this a priority. Michael did learn to drive the dump truck and he did get his CDL....it was technically at the beginning of this year though! ;)