Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Goals for 2018!

Goals for 2018

Saving Goals: 

Continue to save $100 each month towards our 20 Anniversary trip to Hawaii
Continue to save $100 each month for the kids' future cars
Get the 3-6 months bumped up to where it needs to be
Start saving towards a tent trailer

House Goals: 

Replace rails and bad boards on the deck and stain it.
Build patio furniture & buy cushions
Take out big bush by the play structures
Build planter to go where the bush was
Plant fruit tree

Personal Goals: 

Family - Make reading & Bible time a priority & play more games together

Kids - Get in the habit of bathing on a regular schedule (just being real people) - have kids use their shower instead of ours

Lyndsay - Try not to be so hard on myself - stay organized - plan ahead - get better at my job

Michael - Get CDL - Pass test for WD Manager 3 - Work towards eventually becoming the District Manager

Family Adventures: 

Snow activities @ Rainier
Family Reunion in Oregon
Great Wolf Lodge
North Cascade Hwy