Thursday, October 24, 2019

Birthday Tea!

On September 25th, Kim took me out to The Secret Garden Teahouse for my birthday. We hadn't been to that Teahouse in years so it was fun to go back. 

We got the Hollyhock Tea and it was so yummy! Makes me want tea and scones just typing this. 

We had such fun conversations! I love spending time with one of my besties! 

After eating lunch we had a little time to kill so we headed over to the Fred Meyer in Sunmer. I had been talking with Kim about finding some cute sandals on clearance at FM's, but what I really wanted to find were some booties. Lucky me we ended up finding the cutest pair of black booties on clearance. It was so fun! Shoes have definitely been my thing to get this fall. I had recently bought myself 2 pairs of highbar tennis shoes, a pair of sandals and then this pair of black booties, but then almost a month later I got a box of goodies from my Aunt with 6 more pairs of shoes for me. I love me some shoes!!! :) BTW...thanks again Auntie Linda! OXOXO 

After shoe shopping we drove over to the theater and watched Downton Abbey!!! It was the best girly day ever! Downton Abbey was even better than I thought it would be. I loved it so much! That also wasn't the end to my fun filled day. By the time I got home it was time to get the kids in the van and take them to AWANAS. Then Michael and I went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant Circo Circo and enjoyed a yummy dinner....yay for mid-week date night! In fact since AWANAS started Michael and I have gone on a date while the kids have been there every week except one! It's been so fun trying new restaurants and getting to spend alone time with my man.