Tuesday, October 22, 2019

So Patriotic!

On September 21st, my Mom and I went out for a shopping day to celebrate my birthday. She bought me 2 pairs of my favorite skinny jeans at Kohl's. We also went to Target and got matching jammie bottoms and this fleece top that has pockets and is the most comfortable sweatshirt that I own. Plus I'm not even ashamed that I do this I totally wear it as a normal top out in public. We also got a bunch of other stuff....why is it so hard to go into Target and not come out without spending $100....it's like the Bermuda Triangle of shopping!!! Anyways after that we ate lunch at Sonic and it was so good!!! 

While we were out Michael did a few things around the house. One of those things was hanging up my wooden flag. I actually didn't notice that he did that for almost a whole day. The wooden American Flag had been leaning against our frig in the kitchen, but it's not something that normally would be there so once it was missing my brain didn't really register that anything was gone. Also since the weather had turned I hadn't actually been spending a bunch of time out on the deck. I ended up noticing it when I went over to lock the sliding glass door prior to us leaving the house. I was SO excited!!!! 

Michael had put off hanging this up mainly because he was not super excited that he was going to have to put holes into the side of our newly sided, newly painted house. There really was no other place for this to go and I loved it so much it wasn't an option that I wouldn't be hanging it up. 

Getting this hung up really felt like the cherry on top of the deck sundae! That's not to say that there won't be anything else added to the deck. I really want to get outdoor string lights to hang up giving it a fun vibe. I don't know maybe those would be considered the sprinkles on the sundae! 

I think it's funny that I hung this up on our back deck because we have neighbors that are behind us that have an Impeach Trump flag and it's pointed our way. I don't think they did that intentionally...they have no idea what way we lean politically, it was just the best place for them to hang their flag. I did not hang this up back here to make some sort of statement. It's ridiculous that the American flag would even been seen as a statement in a negative way....it's the flag for our nation for crying out loud. I am and have always been very patriotic. I have Americana decor in my house...I even had a 4th of July tree at one point. I love our country for better or worse and I love the freedom that America provides us. We really do live in a country that is so immensely blessed and I have no problems showing off my love for it. In fact hopefully we'll be having a really flag flying around in the front yard once Michael puts up the flag pole!!! So exciting!!!