Sunday, September 23, 2007


Owen and I went on a walk around our neighborhood about 2 weeks ago before we both got colds. While we were on our walk we found a small neighborhood park. This park borders some protected land that is filled with blackberry bushes. The first time we found it was just by accident. I happened to chose the most awful day and time of the week to go for a walk. It was Tuesday which is garage day! Not only were we walking pass a whole bunch of stinky garage cans, but the garage truck was pacing us! YUCKY!! So I was trying to walk faster and get ahead of this stinky truck when I noticed this little tiny park off the road a bit with a picnic table and some shade. When I got back there I saw the blackberries. Owen and I sat back there getting some relief from the sun and the stink until the truck had gone. While we were waiting I picked some berries and Owen tried them too and liked them. Then next day we walked back and I brought a container so I could bring some home. The picture above is Owen eating a blackberry when we got home.