Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To My First Born!!!

5 years ago today Owen Michael came into this world and forever changed mine! He is my strongly opinionated, fiercely driven, overly independent, lover of snuggles, super silly 5 year old!

Best memories of the day so far have to be snuggling in bed with him and singing Happy Birthday first thing this morning. Also when we got out of bed I went over to the window and then said, "Owen what did God give you on your birthday?" Then I opened the blinds really wide and this HUGE smile came across his face when he the snow. He has been praying and praying for at least a month for snow. In the mornings he would look outside and say, "God didn't answer my prayer...I just have to wait" I told him that some times we have to wait a long time to have our prayers answered just like when we prayed for him we had to wait 6 years! To have God answer my sweet little 5 year old's prayer ON HIS that is super cool!!!