Thursday, January 26, 2012

How We Weathered THE Storm!

This is what our tree normally looks like. The lower branches are over 6ft off the ground...Michael can walk under it without having to duck.

This is what it looked like when the snow froze into ice. I was sure some of those branches were going to snap, but they held on tight.

The neighbors tree across the street wasn't so lucky.

It was fun seeing how the icicles were hanging off everything.

It's was really quite beautiful!

Ella and I even broke off some icicles to eat.

After the snow froze we pretty much stayed inside. We visited the ER enough last year so I really didn't want to start this year off making a trip there.

After the snow and ice melted Michael had to take care of the aftermath.

These three trees that were on the side of our driveway all snapped.

They weren't healthy and Michael was wanting to chop them down anyways.

Since they are the kind of trees that have shoots that come up he left the trunks thinking maybe they will eventually fill in again. We'll see! If they don't start filling in we are just going to rip them out. I think this area would make some nice garden space.

Can you say summer campfires!!!