Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Dreams!

I thought it would be fun to write down all the things I dream about having or doing right now. Not that I'm not happy with life right now, but because I think it will be fun to look back in a few years and see which ones have actually come true.

- I dream of remodeling our kitchen and playroom into one big kitchen / homework station for the kids.

- I dream of taking the kids to either Disneyland or Disneyworld and seeing the look of wonder in their eyes.

- I dream of getting a bouncy house for the kids so they can bounce, jump and fall as much as they want.

- I dream of going to New York with Michael to see the 9/11 Memorial when it's finished.

- I dream of a day when my kids are all grown and I have hours and hours on end to do nothing, but get crafty!!! Just keepin' it real!

- I dream of remodeling our basement into a studio apartment...first to be used as a school house for the kids and then one day to be used as a place for either set of our parents to live.

- I dream of one day having a house or a cabin on a lake.

- I dream of my children going to college, getting married and making me a grandma one day.

- I dream of growing a vegetable garden so big we can sustain ourselves.

- I dream of having an awesome emergency kit so we'll prepared if the BIG ONE hits.

Okay those are a few of my dreams....what do you dream about?


Momof2 said...

Well lets see...

1. I dream of going to Disneyland or Disney World

2. Bigger house closer to family

3. a new car or a SUV to hold more people

4.a hot tub cause I love being warm

5. For my daughter to be Potty Trained cause I feel like its never going to happen!

6. An RV or tent trailer of our own to go camping in

7. To be able to fly again so I can go to all the places I have wanted too

8.To go to Hawaii

9.To show my husband and kids where I grew up in Alaska