Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Updates!

So this is basically for my records, but if you'd like to read about our family that's cool too!

Michael has been working for the King County Water District for 1 year now!!! Seriously that year went fast. I think part of it has to do with the fact that he only gets paid once a month. He's really enjoying his job and his co-workers. Me and the kids have had fun hanging out with him for lunch about once a month. Michael's boss is always quick to bring out the candy for the kids so they have been asking, "to go have a meal with Daddy" more often! My favorite part of Michael's job is knowing that everyday he leaves around 7:15 and everyday he gets home around 4:55. Love love love it!!!!

Owen is gaining more and more responsibility. He's such a good helper and let me tell you I need it right now. Owen for the most part enjoys school. He is a typical first born so he tends to be a perfectionist so if he can't do it right he just doesn't want too. Coloring is a challenge for him because he can't stand the thought of not doing it perfect. We are working on this! He loves to go to Taekwondo and will be testing again in April. He seems to need the least amount of sleep of the 3 of our kids so he's been given the privilege of getting to go downstairs in the morning, get cereal and turn on cartoons....usually Jack joins him too! Owen is very into wanting to build things especially with wood. He can't wait until he's bigger so he can, "ax down a tree"!

Jack is at such a great stage! He has such a great imagination! He plays wonderfully by himself although he does love to play with his brother too. They are big into wrestling right now and it usually ends with someone crying. Jack enjoys school and has been showing improvement in regards to his numbers and letters. He has graduated from Occupational Therapy for the time being. We might go back after Baby Z gets here if we feel like he needs it. He has improved so much in regards to his dexterity, but there is still work to be done. He also needs to gain more strength in his core. Jack is now completely night-time potty trained...yay for no more Pull Ups! Jack is looking forward to his 4th Birthday this summer that is going to be a Lion King theme. He is all about anything Disney...even the girly movies. He is very into characters and action figures. He found the Han Solo character that Uncle Ry got him and just today we had to watch The Empire Strikes Back and now he wants all the characters.

Ella Grace is as cute as ever and she totally knows it! She is thankfully starting to use more and more words. Her favorites are still - Mine, Yeah, No and Baby! She loves to bug her brothers by arguing with them especially in the car. Ella has to be right in the mix with her brothers. She wants to be outside in the sandbox if they are there or just today she had to be outside while they were driving around Owen's RC car. She is very girly and loves pretties and baby dolls, but she can totally hang with the boys too. She just started jumping and can get both feet off the ground. Tonight she was actually singing the song, "Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey hey goodbye" and she sounded so cute. My camera is back in the shop so I couldn't get it on video dang it! Ella went pee pee and poo poo on the potty for the first time about 2 weeks ago. She hasn't really been interested in the potty since. I'm in no rush to potty train her immediately since I'm sure she would regress once Baby Z got here. I am hoping that she'll be potty trained before the end of the summer though.

Okay onto me....I'm almost 29 weeks pregnant so that should say a lot. I'm feeling HUGE even though I know I will get bigger! Being pregnant in your 30's is definitely harder than being pregnant in your 20's. Although I'm sure the hardness level has been increased just due to the fact that I have 3 (sometimes 4) kids 5 and under. I have been experiencing my normal pregnancy pains like round ligament pains and my sciatic nerve, but this time around I have a new pubic bone. Oh my sometimes when I walk it feels like it's going to split in two. My weeks are busy and I'm barely home, but I like it that way. Monday & Friday are school, Tuesday is MOPS, Wednesday is Bible Study in the morning and Thursday is Bible Study at night. I am looking forward to life slowing down a bit once Baby Z gets here. Kim and I are planning on finishing school in early May, my maternity leave from watching Logan starts on May 10th. MOPS ends at the end of the May and we'll probably take the summer off from Taekwondo as well. That means our schedule will be completely free. I'm am looking forward to spending lots of time outside just lounging with the kids...hopefully we'll have a nice summer!