Thursday, March 29, 2012

Place Mat Purses!!!

Okay so I forgot to have Michael take a picture of me before I got in my pajamas and I'm being vain tonight so ya'll will just have to wait to see the baby belly until another night. I'm sure you were all chompin' at the bit to see me right! ;)

Anywho....this weeks craft at MOPS was Place Mat Purses. The ladies didn't make them, but they got a demonstration. I had the pleasure and yes I do think of it as a pleasure to sew 13 of them prior to our meeting. I have to say the most fun was jazzing them up with embellishments and making them have there own style.

This flower is actually a pin that used to go on one of my maternity tops, but the pin portion broke. I kept it thinking it might be cute on something and sure enough it came in handy.

This one I decided instead of putting the ribbon on the inside that I would make it part of the decoration of the purse and add the buttons for fun.

These are brads from Stampin' Up. I think it makes the purse look like a button down shirt.

I just added an antique brad from Stampin' Up to jazz this one up a bit.

And last, but not least the purse I kept for myself. At first I didn't put bows on it and it was seriously the ugliest purse ever. I didn't have the right color of green to sew the handles on so I used brown thinking it would be fine, but my stitching was so off so the lines were horribly ugly. That's when I decided to cover up the stitching with the bows and ta da....cuteness!!


Melody said...

Those are too cute! Too bad I have not a single crafty bone in my body : )