Monday, March 5, 2012

Ella's Hand Print Magnet!

Back when we first made hand print magnets at MOPS, Ella wasn't big enough to need one yet. The other day I found a piece of a magnet sheet that was leftover so I decided to make her her very own hand print magnet for the van.

As you can see by her hand in the picture she was very excited to get her hands on it.

She was a bit grumpy that day so that's why she's got the sad face. She got really mad at me when I went out and put it on the car. She wanted to keep holding it.

All 3 hand print magnets!

Sadly on Friday when I went and visited a friend who just had her baby Ella's hand print fell off!! I was so sad! I'm not sure why it fell off...I used the same magnet sheets. The only thing I can think off is the van was wet from the rain when I stuck it on. I'm thinking I should have probably dried it off or waited for a dry day. Thankfully these are easy to make so I'll be making her another one!