Sunday, October 16, 2011

MOPS Crafts - Hand Print Magnets

This last Tuesday at MOPS we had an officer come to speak about safety with kids and safety in general. To go along with the safety theme we did these crafts....

Hand Print Magnets!

These are my hand prints...the one on the left is Owen's since he likes fishing and the one on the right is Jack's since he thinks he's a real cowboy. We used magnet sheets from Joann's $2.99 a piece and traced our hands on them and cut it out. Then you use the magnet sheet and trace your hand again on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out. After that you have to peel the white layer off the magnet sheet. This is the most difficult part since it doesn't want to come off, but it will come off. You also have to be careful not to rip the magnet sheet. Once you get the white layer off you can stick the scrapbook paper on it since the magnet sheet is now sticky. We decided to decorate them with stickers that represent our kids since it's probably not the safest thing to have your kids name on them. After doing that you put contact paper on them to make them waterproof. If you cut the contact paper around the hand prints make sure you don't cut it too close...I left at least a 1/4 of an inch all around it.

So what do you do with these you say???

They go on the outside of your car! The idea is when you are getting your little ones out of the car or loading/unloading the car you can tell your kids to "hold Mom's hand" and then they won't be running away from you or walking out into the street. At least that's the idea! We used them for the first time on Saturday at the Farmer's Market and Owen and Jack loved it! They loved seeing how big their hands were in comparison to Mommy's and they liked looking at the sticker too. Owen did point out that HE hasn't caught a fish yet and his sticker has so it's not really accurate! That kid is so literal! We used them again later on in the day when we were leaving our friends house and I even told Ella to touch Mommy's hand and she did too. I was thinking since she was so little she might not understand yet, but she wants to do anything her big brothers do.