Sunday, October 30, 2011

MOPS Craft - Jack O Lantern Jars

Our last craft during the month of October was to make Jack O Lantern Jars. I have been saving jars for months!

The first step is to take labels, tape or stickers and put them on the outside of the jar. Is will cover the glass where you want to make the face. Then you put a piece of masking tape on the inside of the jar covering up the stickers on the outside...this helps so there isn't any over spray. Then take the jars outside and spray them with orange spray paint. Let them dry a bit...couple minutes and then you can peel the stickers and tape off.

Rebecca decided to get really artsy and made a leaf pattern instead of a Jack O's really pretty!

A couple of the ladies even made owl faces...too cute!

Since I was the designated paint sprayer this is what my hand looked like at the end. It didn't even cross my mind to wear a glove! Surprisingly I didn't get any on my clothes! It's nice that I have an ex-painter as a husband so we had paint thinner at home and it took it off really easy!