Monday, October 24, 2011

Carving Pumpkins!

Yesterday afternoon the while Ella was sleeping and Daddy was at work we decided to carve our pumpkins.

Jack's all ready!

Owen is pretty happy!

Miss Kim let us borrow this cute little book to read while we were carving our pumpkins. Well really I read it to them before we carved them since it would have been hard to read it with yuck pumpkin guts all over my hands. Basically it helps turn carving pumpkins into a lesson on how God takes all the yucky stuff out of us and then puts His light inside us.

When Ella got up she just loved taking the lids off and rubbing them on her lips!

I tried to make each of the kids have a different face. Ella's was a sad/shocked face.

Owen asked for a scary one so his has sharp pointy teeth. Jack wanted a happy one, but it ended up being more of a happy/snarly one!

Trying to get a decent picture of all three of them sitting down is ridiculous!

The pumpkins are decorating our front porch!

Here's our one big pumpkin. I decided to cut a happy face exactly like the one the farmer cut in the book we read.

Then it was time to roast seeds. I got 3 1/2 cups of seeds from our 4 pumpkins. The surprising part was the smaller pumpkins gave more seeds than the big one.

Later on when it got dark we went out to light the candles. Of course by this time Ella had no clothes on...her latest fascination is having me take her clothes off and then her putting them back on. At least she put her boots on! :)

All lit up!

Happy Harvest Everyone!