Monday, October 31, 2011

Car Seat Heaven!!!

A few weeks ago we decided we were either going to need to get a new car or different car seats in order to fit all the kids into the van. We have accounts for the boys...I had never gotten around to opening one for Ella, but the money that was saved up is what we used to get them these awesome car seats. They are from Sunshine Kids and they rock! They are skinny enough you can fit 3 in on the same row in the car. They can be used until the kids are 53 inches and 80 lbs! And what sold me on them...they can fold up and can be worn like a backpack!!! We are going to go to Wyoming next summer so this is going to make traveling in the airport much easier!

I actually got the car seats online from Wal-Mart and they were on sale. They were normally $269, but were on sale for $215. They had the basic black color, but the specialty colors were the same price. I've been wanting to get Ella a girly girl car seat for a long time so I was super excited when this primrose pattern was one of the options!

Here Michael is installing them in the freshly vacuumed van. See Jack squeezing in the picture? 

I LOVE having that one captain chair out of the van! Logan sits in the black/brown car seat. I had a spare rug in the garage that I put down to cover up the metal holes that the other captain chair snaps into.

When Ella woke up from her nap I took her out to the van to show her her new seat and to see if we needed to adjust the shoulder straps. She seemed to like it just fine. The boys car seats are the metro pattern and I love them as well. I'm not much of a plain Jane kind of girl.

On Saturday night I took the kids out for their inaugural ride to their cousin's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I was thinking that Owen might be a little upset since he has been sitting in a booster seat with just a seat belt, but he really liked feeling so safe! Of course the whole set up is going to be an adjustment and I've already had to say, "Please stop bugging your sister" and "Please keep your hands to yourself" but overall it's going to be so nice! Now I just need to teach the boys to buckle themselves in!


Melody said...

Well, you already know how I feel about these seats!! Love em'! The company is super great to work with too, and local...right in Sumner. I wasn't happy with how the fabric on our was holding up. So they gave us replacement covers for them at no cost!

Love Ella's girly cover! Corbin wanted all of ours to match. So we went with plain red...boring : )