Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Last Tuesday our MOPS group headed down to Scholz Farms in Orting to have fun at the Pumpkin Palace.

Our first order of business is always lunch...of course this only lasted so long for the big boys because they just want to get up and have fun!

The girls on the other hand take their food seriously!

My neighbor Rachael has just recently started going to MOPS so she and her girls Kendra and Lilyann came down with us. Poor Kendra had a pretty rough day though...she got stung twice by bees and then tried to push the wheelbarrow by herself, got hit in the head and knocked out for a few seconds! Scary! Thankfully she was just fine, but it scared us!

Here is Lilyann! I've been getting to watch Kendra and Lilyann on Thursdays for about an 1 1/2. It's been fun holding such a little baby!

Owen and Jack had a great time playing on the sawdust hill.

It seems like we are always so lucky when we go to the farm. Ever since we started coming in 2008 it's always been beautiful blue skies on the day we are there!

Outdoor bowling is a lot of fun!

Logan enjoyed playing in this little tunnel toy.

Then it was time to run through the corn maze. Ga-Ga joined us at the farm since she is working from home now and the farm is really close to her house. She just took her lunch hour and spent the time with us!

Logan got to ride through the maze in style!

After the maze we stopped by to see the "Mutter Cow" as Owen called her. He loves animals!

The cow wasn't so sure about all the kids coming at once though!

The kids had picked out their smaller pumpkins earlier when we were over by the sawdust hill, but I wanted to get at least one big one.

Oh look I found a cute little pumpkin!

Probably the favorite part of the whole trip for the boys....they love that tractor!

Mr Micah put Ella up there with the boys too!

Then we went over to an area of the farm we've never gone before. We got to see this donkey up close.

There were also swings to go on.

 See I was actually there!

Then it was time to put the girls in the wagon and go pay for our pumpkins. Cute story....I usually put Ella behind Logan since Logan tends to pull her hair. This time around Logan was already in the wagon so I didn't want to take her out just to put her back in so Ella got to sit in the front instead. Logan was SO happy that she patted Ella on the back and then gave her the biggest hug! Of course I couldn't capture it with the camera. These girls really do love each other and it's been so much fun watching them turn into good friends!

Ga-Ga had to go home before we were finished so there was no way I could pull the girls in the wagon and push the wheelbarrow with the pumpkins. Thankfully our friends were still there so Mr. Micah pushed our pumpkins for us. It was a fun busy day! So busy that Ella was asleep at 6:40, Jack at 7:05 and me at 9:00!