Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ella's MRI!

On Friday morning we got up at our normal time ready to enjoy the snow for a little bit...the school was 2 hours late....I'll post about that later! Anyways Ga-Ga & Pa were coming up to make sure the boys got on the bus and to watch Zeke while Ella and I were at the hospital. However with the snow and the fact that Tacoma has a couple nice hills I asked Pa if he would mind driving Ella and I to her appointment. Of course he was more than willing. Thankfully the roads were great! 

They got us right back into the sedation prep area where they put 4 bandages on Ella's arms to numb her skin. 

Then I got Ella into her hospital gown and the nurse checked her vitals.  

While they waited for the numbing medicine to do its thing Ella got to play with the kitchen. 

Right before they did her IV they had to sit in my lap and get wrapped up with warm packs on each of the 4 spots they put the numbing meds. Then she was wrapped in a nice warm blanket while she got to watch Tinkerbell. 

When it was time for her to get her IV I sat on the bed with her between my legs. They checked her arms and decided that the top of her left hand was the best spot for the IV. She did wonderfully....never cried, never tried to pull away, never got scared. She even wanted to look at it! I think part of that is I don't lie to my kids! Whenever they are going to the doctor I'm very upfront with them about what's going to happen. On Thursday night we told Ella exactly what the nurse was going to do so she wasn't surprised at all. She's a trooper! 

A little while after that Dr. Harry came in and gave her the sedation meds and she literally fell asleep in his arms. Then he carried her into the MRI room. 15 -20 minutes later they brought her out. 

Such a beautiful sleeping girl! 

They wanted her to sleep for a bit since it's nicer than waking them right up from sedation. I think she got to sleep longer than the procedure was!

Before the procedure they gave Ella this penguin to hold onto...I wasn't sure if it was hers to keep, but then I saw the nurse giving another one exactly like it to another child. That's when I asked if she got to keep it. I told Ella and she was so excited!!! She also got to enjoy some juice and some teddy grahams! 

According to Dr. Harry she has no signs of Hydrocephalus!!! Her shunt is working perfectly then. Dr. Harry wasn't sure how the neurologist was going to be able to tell the cause of Ella's Hydrocephalus, but to know that it's working and not have to wonder is a Christmas gift you can't put a price on!!! 

Once Ella was all finished with her yummies I got her dressed and then we headed out. Pa used the complimentary (I love Mary Bridge) valet parking and Ella is just like her Daddy so she never wants to wear a coat....needless to say we waited inside until the car showed up! 


Furry Bottoms said...

So glad everything went well!