Sunday, December 15, 2013

Forward Facing!

The day I took Zeke in for his 18 month checkup I turned him forward facing.  I was planning on turning him earlier but then he broke his collar bone and I didn't want him to have to support the weight.  He's collar bone is fine now. At his checkup we found out he's a whopping 22lbs! 

Just for my records here are the words Zeke is saying right now...

Mama, dada, Ella, wawa (water), uh-huh, mah (more), yum-yum, bapple (apple), babee (baby), ah oh & dadon (all done).

He knows the signs for... more, please, milk, all done, help & thank you. 

He can also make the noises for a dog, cat, car, bear & horse.