Thursday, November 6, 2014

Big Boy = Big Bed!

*Pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't that great! 

A couple weeks ago Ga-Ga & Pa bought Zeke a twin mattress so he could start sleeping in a big boy bed. At first he said, " truck" and he didn't want to change, but then when I started building Jack's bed he got really excited and was okay with the change. 

Saying bye bye to the fire truck bed! 

One last kiss! 

After moving out the fire truck bed we were able to put Jack's bed in it's place. He has been begging me for weeks to get to sleep in his lower bed as he calls it since he's been in the bunk bed. 

Such a cool dude! 

One of the requirements for our kids to sleep up in the bunk bed has been that they have to be able to climb up and down all by themselves. 

Zeke has no trouble at all. It did make me nervous at first, but he does great! 

He is so big and he absolutely loves his big boy bed! No diapers, big boy bed....he's gonna be driving off to college soon!