Monday, November 24, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

We normally put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year it just worked out better for us to put the tree up the Sunday before. Plus I had a fire under me to get it done so I thought I should just go with it. 

I've tried to get the kids involved before and they have been to a point, but this year they helped out even more. They were so excited when I told them we were decorating the house. They had actually asked early the week before. Daddy is always the one to get the tree up and the lights on. Then I put the garland on and the kids help me decorate. 

We are not one of those families that has a bunch of random ornaments that the kids have gotten. I grew up with a tree like that, but Michael and I have always had a theme for the tree and we like it that way. We did tell the kids that maybe we would get them their own tree so they could decorate it with whatever they want. 

Sweet shirtless helper! 

Silly sightless boy! 

Breathtakingly beautiful girl! 

And per tradition Jack got to put up the star. 

Owen is very jealous that Jack gets to be the only one to put up the star so this year he was given the job of putting up the stockings! 

All done...except the tree skirt to cover up the stand that has a jimmy rigged leg that needs to be propped up with a couple books! 

It's so crazy that it's Christmas time again. One thing that I have really been thinking about lately is family time and how the retail world is trying to rob us of that. It's so sad that they are having sales on Thanksgiving night! I don't necessarily feel sorry for the shoppers they are willingly making that decision to go out and shop. I'm more sorry for the workers that have to be at work and they don't have a choice....if they want a job! I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving day. I do love going out and shopping on Black Friday, but I will not be out and about until later in the morning. I wonder what the retail world would do if we refused to let them rob us of our family time...maybe they'd give all their workers their family time back!