Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update On Ella's Preschool!

When I started planning to homeschool Ella I had all these grand plans in regards to our schedule...hahaha! Then life happened and Ella has shown me that she really hates being pushed into learning. She does not like having a schedule...she's much more of a wing it kind of girl. Now I know that next year she's gonna just have to deal with it because school is school, but right now I can afford to accommodate her learning style. Also I don't want to force her into anything and then have her hate learning. So instead of a schedule it's just more of a day to day thing. She really loves to play games so we play a lot of those. Matching games are great! We've also played shape and color bingo, Candyland and lots of other games. As long as she doesn't think it's learning she good!  

She does like to practice writing letters. She can say her ABC's or as she calls them her ABCD's very well. She still doesn't know the names of all the letters when you point to them. She does know her name and a couple weeks ago wrote it out for the first time. You can see she wrote it at the top of the page with her E backwards. Then I showed her how the E should look and she wrote it correctly. Now she loves to write her name! 

One of the things from my planned schooling that she loves is Calendar time. She loves to cut anything. Some times her hands get tired and I help her out though. 

She's getting really good at her shapes and colors...I'm so proud of her! I think that we tend to forget that she's a serious miracle. Hydrocephalus can be so destructive and she was so blessed that it only effected her speech. I thank God that we caught it when we did. I'm so excited to see how much more she learns over the next few months!