Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

As always we spent Halloween at Ga-Ga & Pa's house in Orting. It was POURING down rain all day on Halloween and then a few hours before it finally stopped raining. It really was quite pleasant when we were out walking around. 

One thing I was so sad about was that I forgot the kids personalized Halloween bags that my mom bought them. They got to use them at Trunk or Treat, but then I put them back and I forgot to stuff them into the bag with all the costumes. I felt so bad! Of course Michael being funny said..."Oh you can't go trick or treating!" Thankfully Owen has caught on to his Daddy's humor so he immediately said, "Your teasing!" 

Owen decided to not wear his helmet this time. Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie gave the kids these glow sticks at our last family night and I thought it would be perfect to use them on Halloween. 

Jackson makes a great Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. His costume didn't come with a shield so I ended up making one from cardboard and then he colored it in. 

 Sweet pretty princess...she ended up not wanting her crown halfway through so I got to wear it the rest of the night! 

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! When we packed up to come to my parents house I just shoved the costumes in a bag and I think poor Buzz's wing got a little mushed...that right wing is looking a little sad! 

Funny store about Zeke...I tried and tried to get him to say "Trick or Treat" or "Thank you" at each house, but he just was too shy. After going down my parents side of the street and then back down the other side we were right across the street from their house. At that house I did the same thing...I asked Zeke to say "Trick or Treat" and that's when he looked into his bag and said, "I have enough candy!" He was done! Perfect timing! I was just able to run him across the street and then head back out to catch up to Michael and the older kids! 

Dressed and ready to go....and irritated that I was making them sit for pictures. Also my camera was set to a funny setting so the pictures didn't turn out all that good anyway! 

We took the kids to probably thirty house and then the last stop is always Ga-Ga & Pa's. 

This year was a great year in regards to the number of trick or treaters. Ga-Ga & Pa had 194 of them!

When we got back Zeke had already dove into his bounty! 

Owen had a good amount! When I added it to the candy he got at Trunk or Treat he has 2 full gallon size freezer bags of candy! 

Look at all those cavities...I mean candies! 

Jackson also has 2 full gallon size freezer bags of candy! We aren't going to be in need of any sugary sweets for quite sometime! 

When we stay at Ga-Ga & Pa's house Michael and I sleep in the Lighthouse room...that's what it's decorated with, Owen and Ella sleep in the Wedding's where all the wedding pictures are. Owen sleeps in the bed and Ella sleeps on the floor. Jack and Zeke sleep in the upstairs playroom. There is a hide a bed that Jack sleeps on and then Zeke sleeps on the floor. This time around Zeke decided he wanted to sleep with Jack. I figured it would only last so long before he got annoyed with Jack or Jack got annoyed with him. An hour or so after bedtime I went up to check on them.

They were conked out! They actually ended up sleeping together the whole night. Also Michael and I have decided it is totally a genetics thing when it comes to our kids sleeping with their one arm over their head...Michael sleeps like that all the time! 

Another funny story....around 6 in the morning I woke up because I could smell my Dad's coffee...the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup....anyways about a minute after I woke up Jack comes into our room and tells me that Zeke pooped his pants. Jackson has a very sensitive nose so I figured it was the strong smell of coffee, but I got up to go check on Zeke anyways. Zeke was sound asleep and his pants were clean as can be. I have no idea why Jackson thought the smell of freshly brewed coffee would be poop, but who knows!