Saturday, November 7, 2015

My New Normal!

Life has been quite an adjustment over these last couple of months with 3 kids in school. You'd think that sending 3 away during the day would make things easy peasy or at least easier, but nope!!! Now there is 3 little people who need help with homework...and homework isn't just one page. Homework is math and reading and spelling for Jack. 1 or 2 pages of homework, working on letters and numbers both writing and saying them for Ella, 1 math page, writing in his writing journal, reading and typing practice for Owen. Then after dinner while Michael reads to Ella and works on her letters and numbers I'm doing the BSF study with the boys. It definitely makes for some busy nights! 

During the day I haven't been able to get as much accomplished either since there is a certain 3 year old missing his siblings!

He is my constant shadow all day long! We have tried to work out a schedule so he doesn't feel like I'm busy all day, but at the same time I can feel like I can get things done and not feel guilty about it. Usually I read him a couple books and then do the dishes, then we'll play cars for about 10 -15 minutes then I can sort some laundry. He loves to help me with those so that's nice too. 

The funny thing is he has the hardest time entertaining himself when it's just him and I, but when the older kiddos come home he runs off and plays...but not with them! He plays by himself! It's so nuts! He just needs to know that they are an option to play with them if he needs them I guess! 

The hours in the day also seems to scream by so fast. I swear one minute it's 9:30 and then next it's 2:30 and my alarm is about to go off saying it's time to get the kids from the bus. Some days I feel like I've accomplished a lot and other days barely anything. Blogging has obviously taken a back seat, but that's also because the big kids are in school and we aren't doing very many fun things during the day. It's just a lot of the same, dishes, Seahawks games, laundry, BSF, grocery shopping, MOPS, laundry, working out, dishes, family night, laundry and soon choir practice will be added to the mix. 

Some days Zeke just has had a bit too much and he ends up having a meltdown and he needs a nap. On this particular day he started throwing a fit because I wouldn't read him another book....this is of course after I've already entertained him quite a bit of the day, by reading to him, playing cars and pushing him on the swings. I told him he should go to his room and he didn't argue one bit....he went right up the stairs and this is how I found him. Cute kid just needed permission to take a nap I guess. 

It's so ironic how once you get used to your schedule something shifts and then you have to get used to a new schedule all over again. Life is always moving and changing!